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Alan recently completed his third Netflix film, global #1 hit Princess Switch: Switched Again, starring Vanessa Hudgens and directed by Mike Rohl. This followed Holiday In The Wild, starring Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe, directed by Ernie Barbarash. Previously he scored The Most Hated Woman In America, starring Academy Award winner Melissa Leo, directed by Tommy O’Haver. Alan has composed music for more than 50 films and TV shows, including Emmy-nominated American Crime and Sex and the City, and the hit Real Housewives franchise. He has worked with networks like HBO, BBC, ABC, MTV and Bravo. Alan co-founded, produces and composes for the BMG Luminary Scores catalog. Prior to that, he founded and built the 391 album Lalela Music catalog, which has enjoyed millions of performances globally and was sold to Hollywood studio STX Entertainment in 2017. His composer career began in South Africa, where he was producer and keyboard player in the platinum selling band, Mango Groove, and wrote the “unofficial national anthem,” African Dream. The song was recently performed on America’s Got Talent by the Ndlovu Youth Choir, and received four enthusiastic Yeses from the judges, including Simon Cowell. Watch it hereHe lives with his husband, two daughters, and dog named Comet, in Calabasas, California.

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Alan Lazar

Selected Credits

For the Love of MoneyThe Princess SwitchCredits: Holiday in the WildCredits: The Most Hated Woman in AmericaCredits: Housewives of the North PoleCredits: An American CrimeCredits: Real Housewives of Beverly HillsCredits: 2 DaysCredits: Billy's Hollywood Screen KissCredits: Sex and the CityCredits: AGTCredits: PurposeCredits: Gangster's ParadiseCredits: ViceCredits: So You Think You Can DanceCredits: This Is Not a TestCredits: Brothers LostCredits: Angels in ExileCredits: Real Housewives of Orange CountyCredits: Gravity

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Alan’s Favorite Tracks

  1. Incredible Case Alan Lazar
  2. Real Housewives theme Alan Lazar
  3. Wild West Fandango Alan Lazar
  4. Things work out Alan Lazar
  5. Funky Heaven Alan Lazar
  6. Immense Magical Powers of Dogs Alan Lazar
  7. Industrial Killscape
  8. For Dad Alan Lazar
  9. River of Secret Hate
  10. An American Crime - End credits Alan Lazar
  11. Two Chubby People Alan Lazar
  12. Drug Web Alan Lazar
  13. Josh escapes Alan Lazar
  14. Mama I Never Had Alan Lazar
  15. Killer is Close Alan Lazar
  16. Sweet Road To Nothing Alan Lazar
  17. Kissing In The Sunshine Alan Lazar
  18. African Dream Alan Lazar