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dog books - ROAM, a book about a dog reminiscent of Marley
Trade Paperback

Runner-up for the Los Angeles Book Festival award

A wise and heartwarming first novel about families, love lost and found, and a scrappy three-legged dog who is trying to find his way back home.


It's the dog owner's greatest fear, even worse in some ways than a beloved pet dying. Your dog getting lost—missing for days, then weeks, perhaps gone forever. Roam is the story of a dog named Nelson who follows his nose one day and gets lost, becoming separated from his anxious owner.

Roam follows Nelson on his eight-year stray away from home, until one day he is miraculously reunited with his family. Through it all, Nelson maintains his optimistic spirit and unflagging yearning for the Great Love, his first human owner, a concert pianist named Katey. He never stops longing for her, and she in turn never stops searching for him.

Lazar's skillful rendering of a dog's cognitive, sensory, and emotional life celebrates the extraordinary magical power of dogs, showing what this scrappy little mutt with a courageous heart can teach us humans. This deeply moving story of families, the human condition, and longing in America will deeply affect readers and remind them of the healing powers of survival and enduring love.

ROAM, books about dogs
Large print edition

Roam features a seven-part soundtrack—composed and performed by the author—that will be embedded in the text.

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Atria Books, Hardcover, November 2011, ISBN-13: 9781451632903
Atria Books, Trade Paperback, August 2012, ISBN-13: 9781451632910

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