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About Alan

Alan Lazar, author and composer

Alan's latest project, "The Most Hated Woman In America" starring Melissa Leo, 2011 Academy Award winner, and directed by Tommy O'Haver, premieres on Netflix in 2017. Alan lives with his family and three dogs in Los Angeles, California. ROAM was his first novel, which was runner up for the Los Angeles Book Festival Best Fiction award.

Alan has scored more than 50 films and TV shows, including Sex and the City and An American Crime, starring Ellen Page and James Franco, and for which Catherine Keener received an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination. He is well known for his catchy, toe-tapping scores for the Real Housewives franchise. Recently he scored the prestigious BBC Show "Natural World", narrated by Sir David Attenborough. In 2012, Alan's score for Otelo Burning was nominated for Best Soundtrack in the African Oscars. Previously, his score for Gangster's Paradise/Jerusalema was rated one of the best scores of 2010 in Film Music magazine. A wildlife documentary he scored for National Geographic, Swamp of the Baboons, was nominated for Best Nature Programming in the 2010 Emmys. Alan also scored Angels In Exile, a documentary narrated by Charlize Theron. He is Senior Director of Catalog Music at STX Entertainment, and oversees Lalela Music, a production music library for film and TV. Alan won an inaugural Recognition Award at the 2013 Wawela Awards presented by performing rights society, SAMRO.

He was born in South Africa, where he was keyboard player and producer in multi-platinum selling band Mango Groove. They performed at the inauguration of Nelson Mandela. He also wrote African Dream, a Song of the Decade nominee. He travelled to the US as a Fulbright Scholar, and completed his MFA at USC Film School.

To find out some more interesting facts about Alan, please visit his Simon and Schuster page.

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